The Coalition for Health Funding: Sign On to Stop Sequestration

Sequestration is upon us again as the temporary and partial relief that Chairman Ryan and Chairman Murray negotiated in the Bipartisan Budget Act expires at the end of FY 2015. With the very real threat of the return of these cuts full-bore in the upcoming FY 2016 budget cycle absent congressional action, it is time for our community to unite again to protect funding for federal programs that keep Americans safe, healthy, and secure.

 The Coalition for Health Funding encourages all national, state, and local organizations to sign on to this letter urging Congress to build on the Bipartisan Budget Act and stop sequestration.

Sequestration could further cut funding to NIH and FDA – agencies which are critical to advancing our understanding of and treatments for rare diseases.

Below are the text of the letter and instructions to sign on. The letter is also available online here. Due to the large number of signatures, we WILL NOT be accepting any edits. Organizations must sign on to the letter “as is.”

DEADLINE is January 29, 2015