RDLA Conference Call/Webinar March 2014

Our monthly conference call/webinar took place on March 20th.  You can find the agenda & slides from the call below:

Agenda Included:
  • Proposed Elimination of the Orphan Drug Tax Credit – Joel White & Jill Schmalz, Horizon Goverment Affairs
  • Community efforts to encourage CMS to revise its proposed rule on Medicaid “line extension” rebates – Jennifer Bernstein, Horizon Goverment Affairs
  • Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act of 2013 – Theo Merkel, Office of Sen. Pat Toomey
  • American Cures Act (America Helping Encourage Advancements in Lifesaving Science) – Dr. Binta Beard, Office of Sen. Richard Durbin
  • The Patients Choice Act – Karen Jaffe, Fight to Live
  • Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act Re-authorization – Emil Wigode, March of Dimes
  • Patients’ Access to Treatment Act – Emily Shetty, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Cal Undiagnosed Diseases Research and Collaboration Network Act – Taylor Gilliam, Office of Rep John Carter

For future agenda items; please submit to arussell@everylifefoundation.org

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Please click below to view the PowerPoint slides