Rare Disease Day 2012 “Fight to Live” Documentary Screening

2nd Annual RDLA Cocktail Reception and Movie Screening
Monday, February 27, 2012, West End Cinema, Washington DC

Featuring:  The Documentary “Fight to Live” with panel discussion led by Academy Award Winning Director Barbara Kopple

“In a country that defends freedom as the core of American values, director Barbara Kopple explores the absolute powers of the FDA over access to investigational drugs that may be the only chance at survival for terminally ill patients.  Patient and public safety is jeopardized when breakthroughs are lost or delayed by an insurmountable process – with a cost tallied in human lives.  Through an intimate journey with patients, physicians, researchers, advocates and FDA overseers, Kopple asks the question: What rights should you have in a life or death battle to survive versus what decisions should the government make for you? It’s a question we all must answer before we each face our own Fight to Live.”

More at FightToLive.org