NORD Urges Advocates to Ask Members of Congress to Vote NO on Revised AHCA

From the National Organization for Rare Disorders:

Tell Your Congressman to Please Vote NO on Revised AHCA

Congress is currently reviewing the newest version of the American Health Care Act for a vote later this week, and we need your help.

The new proposal (known as the MacArthur Amendment) could substantially roll back protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. The bill would allow states to set their own Essential Health Benefit (EHB) categories. The Affordable Care Act eliminated annual and lifetime caps, but only for services that fell in the ten EHB categories. If the EHBs are turned over to states, states could choose to allow insurers to once again set annual and lifetime caps on medically necessary services for rare disease patients by only mandating coverage of certain EHBs.

The bill would also allow states to once again permit insurers to charge higher premiums to sicker individuals. Patients may again face entirely unaffordable premiums if this proposal passes. 

This would be devastating for individuals with rare diseases. Medically necessary prescription drugs and medical care could go uncovered and insurers could once again charge thousands of dollars per month.

Lawmakers could vote THIS WEEK. Please take a minute to phone your legislators and ask them to vote no!

To identify your legislators and obtain their contact information, click here.