National MPS Society urges your support in Missouri to advance life-changing newborn screening for MPS II and SMA!

The National MPS Society has a great opportunity for Missouri to include two genetic and potentially deadly diseases in their Newborn Screening Panel.  In the next week, the Missouri House of Representatives will be voting on HB 66 to expand the newborn screening requirements to include Hunter Syndrome (MPS II) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Missouri residents: Please take 3 minutes to ask your state Representative to support HB 66 by clicking here.

Newborn screening is necessary for MPS II and SMA because timely treatment allows for much better outcomes.  Without newborn screening it can take months or years to get a diagnosis.  During that time, the disease is causing irreversible damage throughout the body.  Currently, MPS II and SMA have treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration with several more treatment options in the pipeline.  Newborn screening would ensure timely treatment of MPS II and SMA, which requires early intervention for the greatest benefit.