Coalition for Health Funding Asks Orgs to Sign-On for Additional HHS Funding

From the Coalition for Health Funding:

Sign Letter in Support of Increased Funding for Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations

Attached for your consideration is a letter—being circulated throughout the health, education, child development, social services, and workforce communities—urging appropriators increase the allocation for the Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee for fiscal year (FY) 2018.


Please note that in the interest of expediency, and as a courtesy to the hundreds or organizations that will sign, we will not accept editorial changes to the letter. Signers must agree to sign the letter “as is.”

Below are some FAQs to help you understand this advocacy effort, and build support for the letter within your organization and throughout the community.

What is the 302(b) letter?

The 302(b) allocation is the amount of funding the House and Senate Appropriations Committees provide to the subcommittees. The subcommittees then divvy up the funding between the agencies and programs within their respective jurisdictions. Each year, the Committee on Education Funding, the Coalition for Health Funding, and the Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce partner to circulate a letter throughout our respective communities in support of strong 302(b) allocations for the House and Senate Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittees. The bigger the allocations, the better our chances of securing funding for our agencies and programs; or in the current environment, preventing further cuts.

Why should my organization sign the letter?

At the allocation stage in the appropriations process, discretionary health programs are competing for funding with all of the other nondefense discretionary programs within the austere spending caps. If you care about federal funding for any/all public health, health research, or social safety net programs you should sign this letter. Without a strong 302(b) allocation for Labor-HHS-Education, there is very little chance of increasing funding for your priorities. And there is an even greater likelihood that your priorities will be cut.

What happens once my organization signs?

All signatures will be added to the letter and sent to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees in early May. We will forward you a copy of the letter for your records. A copy will also be posted on the Coalition for Health Funding’s website:

What can I do to help with this effort?

Sign on of course, and/or forward this message and letter far and wide. We are accepting signatures from national, state, and local organizations, institutions, businesses, companies, etc. Essentially, any entity that cares about funding for programs in the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. But no individuals, please!

What is the Coalition for Health Funding?

Established in 1970, the Coalition for Health Funding is the oldest and largest nonprofit alliance working to preserve and strengthen public health investments in the best interest of all Americans. Our dues-paying member organizations together represent more than 100 million patients and consumers, health providers, professionals, and researchers. Please consider joining us as we fight to protect federal investments in health. Learn more about membership at

Questions, please contact Emily Holubowich, Executive Director, Coalition for Health Funding at