As an advocate for patients with rare diseases you are a very important part of the legislative process. You can make the difference as you are the voices your legislators and congressmen want, or in some cases do not want to hear. Please complete the form below to take action and contact your Member of Congress

After you take action your job is not done! The final step is to share the action alert with your family, friends, co-workers and any other people that might be interested in taking action on behalf of the rare disease community.

The Coalition for Health Funding: Sign On to Stop Sequestration

Sequestration is upon us again as the temporary and partial relief that Chairman Ryan and Chairman Murray negotiated in the Bipartisan Budget Act expires at the end of FY 2015. With the very real threat of the return of these cuts full-bore in the upcoming FY 2016 budget cycle absent congressional action, it is time for our community to unite again to protect funding for federal programs that keep Americans safe, healthy, and secure.

 The Coalition for Health Funding encourages all national, state, and local organizations to sign on to this letter urging Congress to build on the Bipartisan Budget Act and stop sequestration.

Sequestration could further cut funding to NIH and FDA – agencies which are critical to advancing our understanding of and treatments for rare diseases.

Below are the text of the letter and instructions to sign on. The letter is also available online here. Due to the large number of signatures, we WILL NOT be accepting any edits. Organizations must sign on to the letter “as is.”

DEADLINE is January 29, 2015

Huntington’s Disease Action Alert

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is asking advocates to contact their Members of Congress to expedite Social Security Disability Insurance for patients upon diagnosis.

Huntington’s Disease is a rare, fatal, genetic neurodegenerative disease that progressively causes total physical and mental deterioration during an individual’s prime working years. Every individual with HD will ultimately lose the ability to live independently.

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Help Grow the Rare Disease Congressional Caucus

Help us strengthen the rare disease community’s voice on Capitol Hill!  Please take 3 minutes to ask your Member of Congress to join the Rare Disease Caucus at

It’s easy – the Action Center has a draft letter that will automatically be sent to your Member of Congress – just put in your name and address & click send.  We also encourage you to personalize the letter to share information about your specific disease.  If your Congress Member is already on the Caucus the letter will automatically populate as a thank you letter instead – these are just as important to send!

It can take up to 10 letters from constituents for a Member to respond so please share this Action Alert with your friends, family & colleagues.


There are 435 Members in the House of Representatives – only 51 of them have joined the Rare Disease Congressional Caucus – 23 new members joined since our Lobby Day.  A strong Caucus will enhance the Rare Disease Community political power on Capitol Hill.   Help us reach our goal of 200 Caucus Members.

The Rare Disease Congressional Caucus will help bring public and Congressional awareness to the unique needs of the rare disease community – patients, physicians, scientists, and industry, and create opportunities to address roadblocks in access to and development of crucial treatments.  The Caucus will give a permanent voice to the rare disease community on Capitol Hill.  Working together, we can find solutions that turn hope into treatments.

Learn More about the Rare Disease Caucus at:

See the full list of Caucus Members at: