BIO Report: Unleashing the Promise of Biotechnology June 2011

Advancing American Innovation to Cure Disease and Save Lives

Biotechnology companies are working every day to solve the greatest challenges facing our society — whether it’s finding a cure
for cancer, protecting against bio-terror threats, or creating renewable energy sources. Yet despite the urgent need for scientific
breakthroughs in these areas, current government policies are holding back the potential and promise of biotechnology.

What’s needed is a policy environment that incentivizes the magnitude of investment necessary to translate the scientific
potential that resides in the thousands of American biotech companies into the breakthrough cures, treatments, enhanced
agricultural products, vaccines to defend against bioterrorism and revolutionary biofuels that can transform society. Only
by transforming the policy environment can we create a robust innovation economy that helps America compete globally by
maintaining our position as world leader in biotechnology research and development. And only by investing in biotech today can
we discover the new treatments and cures that will not only save lives, but reduce long-term health care costs by keeping people
healthier and reducing chronic disease.

To this end, I began a process last summer of interviewing thought leaders within and outside of our industry for the purpose of
envisioning game-changing strategies. We contracted with Dr. Elias Zerhouni, former Director of the National Institutes of Health,
to conduct an analysis of the challenges we face and a more comprehensive survey of medical experts, academic researchers, and
other life science leaders to suggest out-of-the-box, big ideas to significantly advance biotechnology’s chances to succeed.
Over the past six months, we worked with BIO Board members and staff to review these ideas, debate their merits, and offer
alternative and additional approaches to develop a comprehensive national policy strategy.
The policy agenda summarized in this brochure is the result of this rigorous policy development process. It reflects the input
and suggestions gathered throughout this process from biotech CEOs, venture capitalists, current and former government
officials, academic and medical researchers, patient advocates and other experts. Our recommendations reflect the big, bold and
daring thinking required to create new models to encourage investment in innovation and to speed up the discovery of scientific
breakthroughs. In short, this agenda will enable the biotechnology industry to fulfill its promise to help, heal, fuel, and feed the world.

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