Ask Your Candidates! where they stand on medical progress

Research!America’s Ask Your Candidates! program is the only voter education initiative focused on our nation’s commitment to medical and other health-related research. The AYC! project will run through the elections on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. With the help of Research!America, voters can ask candidates for their stances on any number of issues relating to medical research.

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on June 16th,2014 ResearchAmerica launched their “Share a Photo/Selfie to Support Medical Progress”. The goal is to generate buzz for the AYC initiative and increase the volume of the conversation surrounding medical progress, hoping to inspire more Congressional candidates to email statements to Ask Your Candidates on what they will do to accelerate medical progress, if they are elected. These statements will then be archived on the Ask Your Candidates! website. For more information on the Photo/Selfie to Support Medical Progress go to the linked website.

To get involved, particpants can illustrate an AYC sign, take a photo with the sign, or a selfie, and share the sign on their social media, using the hashtag #AYCresearch. Here are a few sample messages that could accompany a picture:

  • I’ve shared why I support medical progress. Ask your candidates for Congress if they care? #AYCresearch


  • Here’s why I support medical progress. Show me why you support medical progress, too: #AYCresearch

Two-thirds of Americans (66%) say it’s important for candidates running for office to assign a high priority to funding medical research, according to America Speaks, Volume 14, a compilation of key questions from public opinion polls commissioned by Research!America. Polling shows that Americans place a high value on U.S. leadership in medical innovation, yet only 12% say they are very well informed about the positions of their senators and representative when it comes to their support of medical and scientific research.

Educate yourself on where your candidate stands and let them know that medical research progress is a priority. Click on the following link to view sample question you can ask you candidate at a Town Hall, candidate forum or over email, Facebook, Twitter. Plus there are some quick facts to impress your peers. AYC Sample Questions