The Alliance for a Stronger FDA Encourages Advocates to Ask Their Legislators for Robust FDA Appropriations

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA is encouraging patient advocates to ask their legislators to support robust funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA plays a critical role for rare disease patients because:

  1. The Agency ensures access to safe and effective medical products and is key to preserving public health.
  2. FDA-regulated industries are world leaders in discovery and innovation in large part because of the stability and oversight provided by FDA.
  3. FDA’s well-trained staff is indispensable. The products overseen by FDA cannot be evaluated without specialized scientific and technical knowledge.

In order for patients to have access to innovative treatments, robust appropriations funding for the FDA is critical. To read the Alliance for a Stronger FDA update on challenges and threats to the FDA, click here.

To send a a note to your legislators, click “take action.”